My OraStrip

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Instructions for Use

OraStrip achieves the best results when used in accordance with the step-by-step instructions below and also outlined in the OraStrip Instructional Video.

Step 1: Remove the strip from its protective pouch, taking care not to touch the small pad on the top of the strip.

Step 2: Lift the dog’s upper lip while supporting the pad end of the test strip with your index finger on the non-pad side.

Step 3: Gently glide the pad against the maxillary facial gingival margin (upper gum line). This draws salivary fluid into the pad and should take no longer than 5-10 seconds. NOTE: It is very important to move the pad gently so as not to cause bleeding or the dislodging of plaque, as these can interfere with proper interpretation of the test strip results.

Step 4: Once the sample has been collected, remove the strip from the dog’s mouth and wait 10 seconds before reading the result.

Step 5: While holding the strip near the colors shown on the comparator card color chart, determine and record the number of the color closest to the color on the pad. If the color is not uniform, base your decision on the most intense color seen on the pad. Record the reading within 5 minutes of collecting the sample.

Step 6: Interpret the results. A numerical result of 1 or above is associated with active periodontal disease. A score of 0 is not associated with active periodontal infection. For dogs with a history of periodontal disease, a score of 0 reflects favorable ongoing management of existing disease.

Step 7: Recommend treatments.

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